Thursday, November 29, 2007

Twist Newsletter

From the "Twist" newsletter.

Last place to find our 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Uvas Creek Vineyard for sale, and it's also available by the glass:

D's new Wine Picks of December (available from December 1) ..

This selection became something that my regular guest are looking for each month now for their dinner or just when they stop for a glass of wine at the bar. Can you imagine that last month after 3 weeks we had to change 3 wines already! This month I decide to keep the Madiran because I really would like to promote that area of France more and more.The two new white wines are both Chardonnay from California. One is from a veryyyyyyy small winery in the Santa Cruz Mountain and the other one is owned by the Hyde Family (Hyde Vineyard) and De Vilaine Family (Romanee Conti) oh yeah, I wrote Romanee Conti now you can imagine the result.A new Cabernet Sauvignon from my close friends at "Stefania Wines", a French Syrah from the Northern Rhone Valley and a Cabernet Franc from "Vinum Winery" a must taste wine !!!Sante ;-)