Friday, January 26, 2007

A Really Big Night Out

Last night we had dinner at Olio in Campbell.

Thomas Ricci is the co-owner and chef, and I loved his cooking when he was at Arcadia in San Jose. He'd always make us something special, and ask how things were going with our wine. We visited Olio last week to see his new place, and he again asked how the wine was coming and when he'd get to try some. Last night we brought him in a barrel sample of the 2005 Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah, which will be bottled soon.

Thomas recommended the Lamb Shanks, which I ordered, and we sampled the wine with him and his bar manager Kevin.

Then we got our very first, official, ORDER.

We've had lots of people say they'll buy the wine when it comes out, but this was the first actual, money commitment. In late March, or early April, Stefania Wine will be on the wine list at Olio in downtown Campbell. Lots of people know the thing I've worried about most is selling wine. I don't think I'm a great salesman by any stretch, so this was a huge, huge deal! 49 more cases to go :)

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