Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suburban Vineyard II

The trellis wires were the perfect place to hang "stained glass" cookies for a photo op.

More cookies on the wire...

These are the "Hot Tub" vines, you can kind of see the infamous tub in the background.

Originally the vines in the back were head trained, like the ones in the front, but we're also re-doing the backyard. We had Jerry pull out more than half the vines in the back so that we could train the existing ones on a new trellis system. The posts and wires are in, but it looks goofy until we prune. When I do the Suburban Vineyard Backyard photos you'll see before and after.

For now, enjoy pictures of the holiday cookies Kathy and I made hanging on the wires.


Woodland Fay said...

Love the blog. From our mini vineyard to yours happy growing in 2009.

Paul Romero said...

I'm sure our go of it in San Jose will be much easier than London! I admire anyone who takes on grapes in a damp climate. Our biggest problem in the summer is little boys eating grapes.