Thursday, October 01, 2009

More of the Day to Day

I took this picture as we were leaving. It was about 7PM. The moon was up and the sun is still shinning on Monte Bello Ridge across Portola Valley from us. We still had sun in the lower section of the vineyard but the upper section was dark.

Fermentation started going full speed on the Chardonnay. This is the tank inside. The temperature had gotten up to 65 degrees.

This is the scary froth that worried Stefania so much last year. It also is a little stinky as it bubbles. We have been having so issues with the chiller for the tanks and had to sit and wait to make sure everything was working. The temperature dropped to 62 while we waited and was at 55 by 11PM. This morning we will turn it back off. We're trying to keep it right around 55-60 degrees.

Looks like Hefewiezen, but it's Chardonnay. It tastes really good right now very sweet with apple and peach flavors.

And this is what's going on with the carboy!

It's hard to not think 'baby poop'. It bubbled over yesterday afternoon. I had to remove the lock and clean it out, then I poured off a little of the gunk so it won't be so explosive. Then scrub the floor with soda ash.

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Stefania said...

I actually feel more like a janitor than winemaker this time of year.

For all the time spent making the wine, there is quadruple the amount of time cleaning and sanitizing.