Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready for Spring and some Sunshine already

It's great to have so much rain, but I'm officially ready for blue sky and sunshine. The vineyards are muddy and mucky and there is still plenty of work to be done in them.

There are broken posts to replace and wire repair still to do. I don't mind the office work that goes along with owning a small business, but I really want to get back outside and work. We've been hitting the gym fairly often to make up for the lack of outdoor labor we're usually doing this time of year.

The cold winter days are usually my favorite for hiking the local hills. I'm prone to overheating so I like to take advantage of the crisp air. The cloudy skies though make it too cold and everything is so soggy that it's no fun.

Speaking of hiking - we are postponing the Grand Canyon trip. We had thought we would go this April but we missed the deadline to sign up for overnight and some other things came up that we needed to work around. It's still on the list of things to-do one day.

And, I saw the shoe repair guy to see about making my hiking boots fit better. They are a great shoe, but they are too tight on my heel. For $10 I picked up some leather stretching goo that I need to apply next time I put them on. We'll see how that goes. I'll need them one last time this year when we go out and prune Arastradero.

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