Thursday, August 05, 2010


I never have any fun trying to figure out what amount of wine to offer people. It's a hard process and I always wish I had more wine to offer. I start the process by sorting everyone on the mailing list by points, highest to lowest. The higher the points, the higher the allocation.

Next I make breaks into groups based on how many people fall into a group. Then I assign an allocation amount to each group. It's pretty straight forward but the amounts are always a bit of a guess.

I'm pretty sure this time we will sell out of everything pretty quickly and the only wine available to some people will be to reorder some of the 2007's we still have available. The really hard part is I don't want to have anyone who ordered wine last time, to not get it this time.

Stefania and I will have to work something out so the order form is not to confusing and maybe get creative with some sampler packs. I'm sure we'll also want to have some way for people to request more wine than they have been allocated so that on the chance we have some left we can get that to people who want it.

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