Monday, July 30, 2007

Fall Mailers are Upon Us.

Today I got my first two mailers of the 'Fall'. On July 30th. Fall comes earlier than the Christmas season now, at least if your selling wine.

I understand the desire to get them out early. Beat the rush of other mailers that pile up for people is a big consideration I'm sure. The main thing though I think is to get orders and shipping done and taken care of for small operations. The mailers I got were from Loring Wine Company and Copain.

Both are bigger than us of course, but I know both are all hands on deck during the September and October harvest season. With everyone working in the winery crushing grapes and making wine, there will be no one left to answer emails, fix shipping issues, or process credit cards.

Stefania and I will be the same way. During October we won't have much time to tend to the business side of the business, it will be all about making wine. Our Fall Mailer will go out early too. Probably just another few weeks or right around Labor Day. We won't start shipping until after we've wrapped up harvesting, that way we'll have time to deal with any shipping issues, but the gap between taking orders and shipping is a gap we need to get other things done.

We're not pushing it into July, but I can sure understand why Brian Loring and Wells Guthrie want to.

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kenneth said...

Excellent post- I was just wondering about that yesterday too when I got my Copain letter.

I was forwarding it to some friends to see if they wanted to share some of my allocation and I had written "summer release for august" in the subject in my email.

then right as I was about to send it I realized that no, this wasn't a summer release, it really is a fall release and I got confused and had to check my calendar to make sure we were still at the end of july.