Monday, February 11, 2008

Quick Update on Pruning, more photos

Paul and the crew worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Woodruff Vineyard in Corralitos this past weekend. I was able to help on Saturday and we rounded up a few more volunteers to whom we are greatly appreciative.

Huge Thanks to Kathy, Wes, and Dave!

The rest of the crew, Daniel, Jerry, and Millie kicked some serious butt over the weekend and are almost done - just a few more rows this week and we can cross that off the list as "Done".

I took some time out Saturday to capture the site and the crew working - the photos are uploaded here:

The next round of blogs and updates will probably include the bottling schedule (early March for the Syrah and Haut Tubee) and whatever random musings cross our minds.

Again, a huge round of applause and kudos to our volunteer pruners, you guys are awesome!!!!
(and we secretly wonder if you'll be back...)


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