Monday, February 18, 2008

Web Site Update Coming

I just sent off the new label and font for Stefania to have added to the website. I suspect it will take a week or two to get done, and then the entire site will get a content refresh.

As soon as the label work is complete I'll have updates on the 2006 and 2007 wines as well as plans for 2008. There will also be an update on our new vineyards. Look for the schedule to be updated as well. We have a number of events coming up in March, April and May.

I may also start adding the newsletter to the site as well. We're just a few weeks away from sending out offer letters for our 2006 Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah, and I'd like to have the site updated by then. Originally we had planned to have on line ordering set up for 2008, but that was postponed for another year. With the new vineyards we've taken on that money had to go to vineyard maintenance costs this year.

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