Thursday, April 03, 2008

Leaving the SCMWA

After 9 very frustrating months of dealing with the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association, I've decided to give up. I notified them yesterday that we are pulling our membership application and asked that they return our membership check. I also let them know we will be withdrawing Chaine d'Or from the SCMWA next year.

Going forward we will not be participating in any events that the organization sponsors. I've also removed the link to the organization here.

It was sad and difficult to deal with the organization from the very start and with as little time as Stefania and I have we could not continue to dedicate time to the organization. It appears to me that the organization is headed in a direction to promote the small 50-75 case backyard vanity projects that exist in the mountains rather than real commercial wineries, and we are headed in a different direction.

I encourage people who are looking for information on the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA to go to:

Dave Tong's wiki is accurate, extensive and has information on all the wineries in the area, including those like Varner, Ryhs, Clos la Tech and ourselves who do not belong to the SCMWA.

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Ted said...

Sorry to hear of your issues with the SCMWA. Your comment about promoting the tiny wineries was interesting - although it seems that the majority of their members do far more than 75 cases / yr. I would think it's in their best interest to help all local wineries, but I surely don't know what hoops they expect you hard working folks to jump through for admittance into the "club".