Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shipping Update

Here's the latest on shipping.

Orders from states listed on our 'ship to states' section on the allocation letters have all been released to the fulfilment center. Those orders that came in before 4/21 went out last week and tracking emails have been sent. Orders after 4/21 went out yesterday and tracking emails should go out today or tomorrow.

If you did not receive a tracking email yet it is because of one of two reasons.

First: a number of states require 'label registration'. This means the state government must approve the label for shipment. Yes, even though the federal government has already approved it, each individual state has a right to approve it also. Currently the following states have registration pending: NY, NJ, FL, MA, NC (I've given up on NC, they still have not approved the 05 labels after over a year). In addition VA has approved the Syrah label but not the Haut Tubee label. All those approvals (except NC) should be done no later than 6/1. As soon as the label clears, the shipment will release.

Second: States not listed on our allocation letter have to be shipped directly using our Bonded Winery Permit / Type 2. Those go out directly from the winery and have to be picked up by UPS with us present or delivered to a UPS office by us. We will begin shipping those states next week.

I'll begin sending updates directly to individuals next week who are going to have delays beyond 5/15 to let them know the status.

Write your state legislator or visit, to see what you can do to make this situation easier for all of us wine lovers!

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