Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Condors, The Natural World, Stickers - a rant

Face it, the wild Condors are dead. Those that have been bred and released back into the wild are pets. They have monitoring devices implanted on them, a support crew, live 24/7 assisted living. Our tax dollars paid for Power Pole Avoidance Training. Look it up.

I've been following the condor stories for years - I flew with them in Chile, back when my dad would take me up in the Cessna. I loved the condors, they were giants in the sky, soaring high in the Andes Mountains.

But it's time to let them die, it's time to evolve - tell me, why are there no reports on the dying Turkey Vultures, also poisoned by lead in their diets? I have a theory, it's because no one raised the vultures from chicks or put a government sponsored GPS sensor on them.

Know what else is dying? Nature. Yes, we are killing or natural world, in the name of science of course.

Paul & I were watching National Geographic the other night, a story of the wild cats in Africa, with huge freakin' collars on them - oh yeah, that's natural. And then, on the news, the monarchs in Pacific Grove, being tagged with stickers to track them. Stickers. Natural.

It's bad enough all the fruit in the grocery store has a sticker on it. As a nation we have become obsessed with worthless data. The 2406 number on the peaches in the market means nothing to me. I trust my grocer to post the growing region on the placard with the price - I really wish the stickering would end.

Recently the corn had a bright red "FRESH" sticker on it and I smarted off at the cashier...said I was glad it said fresh or I might confuse it with frozen, or canned, or rotten. Fresh. On an ear of corn.

Maybe if we hand feed the Fresh corn to the Condors they'll live thru the summer.

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