Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pinot Update Part II

Paul did a great job taking pictures and talking about the status of the vineyard but as I was reading thru it again I had my own commentary to add.

As we drove up Browns Valley Road, the view is of a charred and burned mountain side, the remains of the Summit Road Fire now visible as the smoke has cleared. We drove up to the fire line at Hazel Dell and looked at the ash and charred remains of the forest, even smelled the fresh stink of the recently burned terrain.

We doubled back to the vineyard and once we got up around the bend, the first view of the vines from the bottom of the road was spectacular! I know that the owners were concerned with vigor and that there was too much growth, but the work the guys had been doing was taking care of that. I couldn't help grinning from ear to ear looking at it.

While Paul walked the rows with Pete, I stayed up top in the shade with Barbara and told her about our Oregon trip and some of the vineyards/wineries we had been to. We talked a lot about making pinot and the techniques used and what Paul and I have talked about doing.

Having tasted the wine in barrel from last years harvest I'm thrilled to know we'll be able to make more this year. There is also a great deal of satisfaction knowing that we have been hands on in this vineyard where the fruit will be coming from. The care and attention to detail starts out there and is carried on inside the winery, that's been the goal all along, the dream.

It's like going to the farmers market, selecting the best ingredients and cooking a great meal and being able to share it with others.


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Anonymous said...

I for one am glad to see such attention to detail and really enjoy reading your blog.....keep up the great work, NOLA