Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The first rains of the season came last week, and along with them, the first cold temperatures.

Our first Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was last weekend. Anyone that donned vineyard gear and braved the elements was awarded, those that made it through bottling with us (some of them twice!), were awarded, and those that were instrumental in our successful harvests were awarded. I totally forgot to thank Amber for her work on the website and getting updates posted for us, and we only briefly mentioned Kathy for her appearances at marketing events.

Publicly I thank you all for your spirit, your willingness to be subjected to the rigors of grape farming, and for supporting us as we grow our business.

Other firsts in the past five days:

First fire in the fireplace.

First time cooking squid ink noodles.

First frost on the rooftops of my neighborhood.

The first black president.

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