Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shipping Update

Well we did pretty good through harvest on getting updates in, and we are definitely in recovery mode now and the posts have slowed down. We've still been busy, but now we're trying to catch up on office work, shipping, and still doing punch downs on the last of the Cabernets.

We did get just about the last of the 2006 Uvas Creek Cabernet Sauvignon orders this week. There are 3 orders we still need to ship, two will go Friday and one is on hold until the 23rd. Pick up day is the 22nd at the winery, but I've already made a few local deliveries.

Saturday is our F.O.W. event, and we set aside 10 cases of wine for that event. There are 43 people who bought tickets, but I still don't think we'll go through 10 complete cases, so we may have a little wine left on Monday. Right now we're trying to manage the difficulties of just having one car. Tomorrow I need to be at the day job, Stef needs to be at the winery and some how we need to get to the UPS store and then get me up to the winery after work. More logistics :)

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