Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Vineyard Resident

Just the other day Paul and I were in the kitchen doing chores and he startled me telling me to look outside, "quick!". I thought the neighbors cat was getting into something again, or up to no good. The cat in reference is one we are doing battle with since a recent pooping incident on our lawn...a cat that poops like a dog, so annoying.

I stopped what I was doing to peer out the window, and there it was, a huge bird of prey on the fence. Hurray! A bird to keep the dove, pigeon, squirrel, cat, population in check. He was awesome but didn't stay long enough for a good enough look to identify him.

This afternoon as I was putting away laundry, I saw him again from the bedroom window this time. On the fence. Only this time he was going to be put for awhile...he scored a dove.

I did the best I could with an ancient digital camera on zoom but they are pretty grainy, even on the best resolution of Coop (Coopers Hawk) are below. We hope he doesn't pick on Frederick, our annual "pet" Yellow Rumped Warbler that winters in our backyard year after year.

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