Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quiet Nights at Home

Our label says "We enjoy wine with friends, over special meals or on quiet nights at home." When we started making wine it was really important for me to make wine that fit our lifestyle. Stef and I like to open a bottle before dinner and have a glass as we cook. We will then sit down and enjoy the wine with our meal, and Stefania in particular like to have just a little left at the end of the meal to savor.

That means the wine needs enough friendly fruit to stand on its own, but enough balance and acidity to go with food, and finally enough complexity to be interesting when the meal is over. That's exactly what we've tried to make.

The funny thing is we rarely get to drink our own wine on those quiet nights. Most of the time we open a bottle it's a hectic social event, or a busy wine tasting. We might get to sneak a little sip, but we never get to savor an entire bottle.

A few nights ago though, we decided to make a point to open one of our bottles with a simple dinner we made.

I bought some head on prawns at an Asian market near my work and Stef spiced them with a New Orleans / Cajun style rub. I grilled them over a hot grill and we would peel and eat them right from the skewers.

Stefania loves "plain white rice", so I made us a small pot. The sweet starch of the rice would help cut the heat of the shrimp. She just bought me these silly plates with cows and pigs and chickens on them. I think they are so kitchy, and I love them.

Stef had put the kitchen tractor to work and we would have some fresh baked, hand made bread also.

I opened a bottle of our 2006 Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah and poured us a little in some nice glasses. We enjoyed a little wine as we cooked, then with the simple dinner, and just enough was left to savor at the end of the meal.

It was a simple Thursday night dinner, just the two of us. Just what we are talking about when we say; "quiet nights at home."

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