Friday, February 27, 2009

Can You Spare Some Wine II?

Tomorrow we will be at Fort Mason in San Francisco pouring wine the the Chronicle Wine Competition Public Event:

I wrote in the past about the amount of requests we get to donate wine. It's truly overwhelming. In the past two weeks the pace has picked up. Between public events, charity requests, and private events, I've had 17 requests in the last 10 days. Almost two a day. An art gallery wanted us to donate 4 cases of wine for an opening. A legal conference in Portland wanted us to sponsor a table at their conference, at a cost equal to two weeks pay for Jerry. We've been asked to enter two competitions and six festivals.

In all I calculated the requests to come to 51 cases of wine and $6900 in 'fees'. That works out to about 18% of our total budget for the year. Not 18% of our charity budget, 18% of our total budget.

I do say yes to some. There are events we do decide to do Of those 17 requests, we've decided to do two of them. We'll do a fund raiser for the Los Gatos Jewish Center, and an event at the Capital Club in San Jose. We won't be dropping off four cases of wine at that art gallery, or riding the dirty choo choo train at the SCMWA event.

I will try and keep our schedule update here.

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