Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Rain! I don't feel like working yet this morning so I went outside to capture some pictures. The nearly full copper bowl is one we use for chilling beverages, it'll hold six bottles of wine comfortably with ice and look, it's almost full of rain water!

Then I went out front just to see how much damage the rain is doing to the mini-vineyard...er, post garden. No vines yet, still another month or so before we put the plants in.

You can see a couple of low spots there in the foreground where the water is puddling up, but not too bad otherwise considering the slope and amount of rain we've been getting. Really, it's been non-stop for several hours now.

I did manage to connect an extension to the drain spout since the last time it rained I noticed a river going through part of the vineyard. We haven't put down any seed yet for a cover crop, but we'll do that this spring around the same time the vines go in.

It doesn't look very rainy (I don't think), but the contrast between front and back yard is huge. The lawn in the back is LOVING this rain and the rest of the trees and roses are too. It's like a tropical oasis compared to the front...which will be green in time.

These are the vines along the hedge around the patio, they're going to look really awesome when they send shoots and fill in the empty space of the wires.

We had some really warm days back in January, the temperatures hit into the high 70's and I watched the vines closely. I captured a couple of close ups today showing the swollen buds. A couple of years ago we had bud break as early as March 5th...I love watching that first little leaf pop out.

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Dave said...

About time, too. According to Don Mussell's rainfall gauge in Bonny Doon he'd only seen 36" of rain up to the 18th. By that time last year there had been 46", and that was another drought year.