Friday, April 17, 2009

MiniVineyard Update and Photos

I promised an update of the mini-home vineyard project. Below are recent pictures of the front yard. I'll do the backyard in another couple of weeks when the roses are in full bloom.

The Crimson Clover is just starting to come up between the rows and I still need to plant an assortment of Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary to fill in the parking strip and up near the front of the house.

So far, no complaints or unwelcome commentary from the they quietly water their green grass lawns. I'll ask Paul to comment on this blog about our water usage for our front "lawn" vs. how much we used to water when it was grass.

A couple of weeks ago the first signs of green cover-crop growth started to make an appearance.
I planted Crimson Clover between the rows with a wildflower mixture.

Taken today, 4/17. Signs of bud break in the Mourvedre. This is my front yard, the tract house is the same as the one in the next picture...across the street.
The view outside the living room window, through my arch looking at the neighbors matching arches. Signs of spring and green growth. The vines upper left are Syrah and Grenache. The vines in the parking strip are Thompson Seedless.
Below: One more close up of bud break on the Mourvedre, so far, all 25 plants show signs of life.

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Paul Romero said...

This first year the mini vinyeard will use about 30% of the water that a lawn would. Next year as the plants and cover crop are better established the water use will drop to 10% of a lawn.

The 10x30 strip in the front would have required 8,000-10,000 gallons of water through the summer for a lawn at a minimum and as much as 25,000 gallons.

By year three we should be able to 'dry farm' the vineyard and there will be NO watering needed. The vineyard will get everything it needs from the winter rains.

The older vines along the driveway have not been watered since 2004.