Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Our Hiatus

We arrived back in San Jose Sunday afternoon. It had been more days in hotels over the last few weeks than at home, and we've spent the last few days catching up on tasks and a lot of paperwork in the winery.

We visited Nashville last week. My sister had moved there last August and it was our first trip to see her and family. My Mom joined us for the trip and we left our computers at home. We arrived Wednesday night and had dinner with the family. Thursday Stefania and I went out exploring central Tennessee. We stopped at a winery, which we later found out was owned by one of the Brooks and Dunn country singing pair. I had no idea who the owner was while at the winery although the cheesy picture of the owner on all the handouts should have clued me in.

We also visited the George Dickle distillery. No small feat. One of the hobbies of folks in Tennessee is to steal road signs to the George Dickle distillery. We closed Thursday evening watching the Sharks play the Predators then listening to live music in downtown Nashville.

Friday we explored downtown some more and had dinner at our friend Gerard's house. Really great smoked steaks and lots of good wine. Saturday there was a little tornado scare. Mostly the newscaster was in a complete emotional melt down and scared, but the storm passed through fine and we went to a wonderful wine dinner at Flyte in downtown Nashville. We had aged Hermitage Blanc (interesting), some older Bordeaux (very good) and a host of other great wines. It was a great multi course 5+ hour dinner. I brought along some of our 07 Syrah and 07 Pinot Noir for everyone to try.

We're settled back in now and should have more regular updates on our activities as Spring starts.

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