Friday, March 19, 2010

Bud Break 2010 - Spring is in the Air

Sorry, I got distracted with the bee in the orange picture

There we go, bud break and the first Grenache grapes in the "Driveway Block"

More distractions, the first poppy is in bloom today, the lupine started about two weeks ago.

Syrah in the "Hot Tub Block"

Also Syrah
The temps hit near 80 today and it's been absolutely beautiful out. The little vines are strong, healthy, and pushing green growth like crazy. The mini-mourvedre vineyard is in bloom (the wildflowers I mean, not the vines) and in the beginning stages of bud break. All the plants are pushing leaves and look healthy.
In the back yard I replaced one rose and added two new ones this year. There was a minor mishap with the gardener and some aggressive use of Round Up last year that damaged the roses pretty severely. They survived the overdose and I'm hoping for some showy blooms in the next few weeks.
The rest of the back yard and vineyard is looking vibrant, and green, and healthy!
On tap for this glorious weekend is a couple of Rib Eyes on the BBQ and some red wine...I don't know which one we'll open yet, but I might pull something from my side tonight and surprise Paul.
Cheers everyone, and HELLO SPRING!!

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