Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mourvedre Vineyard Pics

The temperature this morning was in the upper 40's and we had a light rain overnight. The air is crisp and bright and full sun, so far. We're expecting more wet weather in the next day or so.

After seeing Paul off to work, I grabbed the camera and took some quick shots to show you how the Mourvedre and Syrah vines are doing. We are well into bud break now with just a couple of Syrah plants lagging behind.

For those of you that know me, the burst of color in the front yard is of no surprise. I don't have a bland color palette inside the house either. The lupine is blue, the clover is bright red, the daisies are bursting in yellow, and the lavender just bloomed the other day in deep rich purple. It's festive, cheery, and happy right now. The objective is to have all this color erase the memory of the very ugly brown dirt patch that is the vineyard over winter. As the blooms fade and the wildflowers die off, we'll be left with bright vibrant green growth of the vines to fill in the gaps. In theory.

The wildflower mix actually worked pretty well at keeping the noxious dandelions out. There were a lot that came in but I yanked those out of the soggy ground before too long. I saw a couple this morning that I missed, but they are deep enough in the mix that I can't reach them without trampling the clover, so they live, this time.

The orange tree is in full bloom and the lemon tree is getting ready to go (the last two pics).

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Paul said...

Great photos as always!