Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Bottling Prep

The list of things to do today was more than 20 long. It was going to be a busy day getting ready for bottling. First up......

The forklift arrived. Which means we have day one of 6 this year of having a totally unqualified forklift driver on site moving around thousands of dollars of glass and wine. That would be me.

I did manage to get the glass truck unloaded though when it arrived right on schedule at 10AM. For those of you who have visited our tiny crushpad you can imagine how tight it is to unload a 28 foot truck full of glass in this small area.

A happy sight though is the glass truck pulling away with nothing broken.

We had some drama with the septic system. The sink in the winery had backed up over night. The plumber was called about 9:30. He just left at 3. It turned out to be a fairly major problem, but we worked around it all day.

The next task was to select a barrel to add to the Haut Tubee blend. We drew samples from five barrels to taste. We decided to move into the dry room to avoid the plumbing repairs going on in the wet room.

We are looking for the barrel that will make is first off least like the other four. We also are looking for something that will compliment what we already have set aside for the Haut Tubee. After a few rounds of tasting we decided on barrel #4. The final blend for 2008 will include:

Merlot 15%

Zinfandel 10%

Syrah 36%

Cabernet Sauvignon 37%

Grenache 2%

Mourvedre (trace)

Cabernet Franc (trace)

Petite Verdot (trace)

Pinot Gris (trace)

We've been topping up barrels and then had to transfer more wine around the last few hours. Next up will be staging the glass. Then we'll do the final sulfur additions to the Haut Tubee. Next will be getting the Syrah ready and we're going to bottle the magnums by hand tonight. We'll also stage the Pinot Noir barrels for tomorrow.

There's still lots of cleaning to do and I'm hopeful that the truck will show up soon and we will get out of here before 6:30 tonight. Tomorrow I'm planing on lots of pictures and short commentary.

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