Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More Bottling

I took this one inside the truck. I was the primary glass loader. I was also forklift driver, winemaker, and cleaning. When I had to be away from dropping glass in, Matt did it.

Jerry loading up a full pallet. Normally we'd put the pallet right by the truck but with the tow truck issue we had to use a hand cart.

Ingrid on the bottling line. When she wasn't inside doing winemaking she'd come out and help tape up boxes.

Glass going down the line.

My station. The glass enters here and the first step is to 'sparge' it with nitrogen, then it's filled with wine.

Sophie standing guard. She's become the perfect vineyard dog since her first harvest in 2005. She was protecting the wine from bunnies and other vineyard creatures. :)

This is the end of the line where bottles come off to be packed back into boxes.

And they roll down here to be tapped up and loaded.

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