Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About Pauls Rants

I'm under the sneaking suspicion that Paul thinks if he mentions Salma Hayek enough times in his blog that she might actually show up! I'm his wife, I'm supposed to support those dreams and fantasies right? Well, I humor him anyway... (wink, wink)

Anyway, to continue the rant somewhat, the other day on our way to the antique show in Moss Landing, we passed a church that was advertising for an upcoming arts and craft fair. It was $25 for the artists to set up a table at the event. I thought, this is what Paul is complaining about. The artist/crafter at least has the potential to make $25 in sales to cover the cost of the table while he/she is at the event. It's not guaranteed, but at least they can sell their wares at the table.

The best we can do at a wine event is hope we sell wine to a future customer because you are most definitely not allowed to sell at the event. No no no. Sure people sign up for the mailing list, cards are exchanged, hands are shaken, but most people coming by are there for the fun of the event, not the opportunity to buy or obtain wine they'll never see on the supermarket shelf.

I'm not sure what else to add to that - it's not a fully formed thought, maybe that's all I have.

This morning while getting coffee at Espresso City, the owner asked if we would like to host a tasting on his patio one night after work. Heck yes! But...I need to call ABC and find out how to get him a temporary alcohol license, otherwise, no go.

Tomorrow night we are pouring at non-profit event and donating our time and wine to a cause we both support personally. The winery gets the write-off but that's not the point of attending. We are there to support our community - and if we're lucky, Salma Hayek will come by and say hello...

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