Saturday, July 31, 2010

Updating on Pruning the Haut Tubee

Back in January I wrote a detailed blog about pruning the vines in the backyard:

Pruning the Haut Tubee

I've been meaning to get an update together to show the results of the pruning and supply the 'why' to what we did.

This is the before on one of the vines that I described as a part three year old part four year old vine.

This is the same vine today with fruit hanging in what is called the fruit zone and the shoots going up into the trellis system.

This us the entire vine and some charcoal for the smoker in front of the hot tub. The green growth has created a curtain of leafs with the fruit hanging below.

This was a head trained vine that we were trying to retrain into a Cordon and Spur VSP trained vine.

This is the same vine with new cordons established. There's a little less fruit on this vine at this stage. Next year with the retraining complete, it will look like the vine above.

Changing the training on a vine is tricky and requires a lot of experience and understanding of how a vine grows. If you have that though the results can be great.

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