Monday, March 07, 2011

New Housemates

Meet the new kids:

This is Rupert aka Fat Cat.
She's enjoying her new couch and in/out privileges. Most afternoons I
can find her sitting among the roses just keeping an eye on things.

And this is Buster aka Little Bubba.
When he's not getting into mischief he's a social little lover with
plenty of purrs. For awhile I was calling him my my little alarm
clock. He gets up very early and likes to talk.

Rupie in the garden....

Little Bubba on the couch...

It's been just over four weeks and so far everyone is getting along. There have been minor adjustments to our normal routine but nothing dramatic. They're a lot of fun and great company to have around. I'm learning that computer work in the afternoon is impossible until Mr Loverboy gets his 15 minutes of purring and attention out of the way before he settles in for another nap. Fat Cat is happy being solitary and would prefer I not pester her all day long with constant pets, attempts at mouse play and general house noise. She's very interested in food and treats though.

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