Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This was from the storm that came through February 25th - the one that got everyone excited that it might snow on the valley floor. No such luck down below, but the foothills got a nice coat of the white stuff.

Everyone asks if the snow is bad for the vines and the standard answer in California is "not really". Frost on the other hand can zap an entire crop if the tender buds and shoots get burned.

I threw a couple of snowballs for the dogs to chase but after the second one they were on to me and then went back inside the winery to see what Paul was up to. We spent just a few hours in the morning racking the '09s and catching up on paperwork, a really light day which was nice.

We hit the Chavez market by our house and grabbed lunch at the taqueria before heading home to the kitties.

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