Sunday, February 25, 2007

All the Details.

I can't imagine that the second release could be as hard as the first. As we're a week away now from sending out Allocation letters, almost every thing is done.

We're really hoping that this first time is the hardest, because it's been hard. Some big details we're still working on :The bank hasn't set up our Visa-Mastercard processing yet, we're really not 100% sure that the printer can handle 150+ color letters (we had to by a printer two weeks ago). I need to finish the newsletter, but really at this point those are small things.

There have been dozens of little details as well. It never occurred to me to send out confirmation emails for sign ups until a couple weeks ago, so I've just started doing that. I had to come up with a point system and I just did that this morning. At least I know a lot of these tasks will be one time deals.

Still it will be nice to get a few sunny days and get out in the vineyard and do some real wine work. The rain seems to be catching up, and I think we'll have bud break in a few weeks, and the focus can go from the office, to the vineyards.

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