Saturday, February 03, 2007


I've had a few questions asking if we are going to offer magnums or half (375ml) bottles.

We're not going to have half bottles this first year. It was price prohibitive to have them. With such a short production run, switching over the bottle line was going to add a big cost to half bottles and they would have ended up having to be priced at $25 or so. With 400+ case scheduled for the 2006 vintage though, we should be able to start offering half bottles next year.

Magnums were a little easier to do. Basically those are hand filled and hand corked, so the bottling line does not have to be stopped and switched over. We'll have six magnums total of each 2005 wine.

We're not going to offer those for sale. We'll keep a couple for ourselves and the other four will be given out as gifts. Right now I'm coming up with a 'rewards' point system. Something like Sea Smoke uses, giving their customers points for each purchase, length of time on the list and referrals. I'm also thinking that if people fax or email me receipts from restaurant or retail purchases, I'll include points for those purchases.

The four magnums will then be a gift to our best customers. It seems like a very small thing we can do to say thank you.

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Kenneth says:

That's a timely post- I was going to message you on IM to ask if you could write up something about splits and magnums and how they affect production runs/costs.

A while back at one of your parties I asked you why magnums weren't equal in price to two bottles, and you explained how they had to be filled separately most of the time. I hadn't realized that before. I just assumed you stuck the bottles in the magic machine and it'd fill whatever kind of bottle you put in there. But apparently there's not a magic machine . . .(yet)