Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bottling Date Set.

The question Stefania and I have heard more than any other is: "When will you have wine?". I think I even remember one of the neighbors asking that as we were digging holes in the yard to plant our first vines six years ago. Now there's a date. Monday February 26th we'll be bottling our 2005 Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah.

Everyone should be able to watch live by following the cam link at

We'll both be there through the day.

The wine will need to rest for a bit after bottling, then we should start sending it out in April and May. We'll have an official release in mid April and a party somewhere in San Jose to celebrate. More details coming soon!


Anonymous said...

kenneth says:

congrats! you're finally at the end of what's hopefully the first of many cycles

Jack Galuardi said...

Hi Paul: Glad you sent me your website. I am sending hardcopy to Baggs and Helen since they don't have computers.
Haven't seen Baggs since he got his grapes last fall but he is probably finished with all of his work except maybe for some more racking.
He will probably call you when he gets these Blogs.
Congratulations on your industry.Now all you need is an Italian name so its Paolo in case you wondered.

Tu cogino

Jack Galuardi