Thursday, September 13, 2007

The First Late Night of the Harvest Season

And it wasn't harvesting.........

Tuesday night we received all our 2006 wines in barrel. They had come from the facility we had them stored at to Chaine d'Or. We decided to move them to make bottling easier in the spring and fall. This way we'll have everything together when it's time to bottle and be able to make bottling decisions based on what's best for the wine and our schedule.

As with most things related to wine making, it was mostly about logistics. Unfortunately the logistics got off to a very rough start. Some how my written instructions to "Call me after Tuesday to set up a delivery time", got translated too "Put the wine on a truck on Tuesday."

So after getting a phone call at 10AM we were able to set up a 4:30 drop off time. That gave us just enough time to rush to the winery and start moving empty barrels around to make room for the full barrels arriving. We finished at 5:10 PM. And then waited and waited and waited and finally at 8:50 PM the truck showed up.

More logistical problems to deal with. Some of the racks were not the right type for our forklift, and other were stacked in a pyramid, which will not work in the winery. So we scrambled and worked and lifted and improvised and racked wine into new barrels and sent Millie out on a dinner run and finally sometime after midnight got everything put in the winery and in its place.

We did manage to take samples from each barrel though and I'll have tasting notes on the wines up shortly and the wines are safe and resting in our new home.

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