Thursday, September 20, 2007

Too Early For 2008?

A few years ago when we started the vineyard management company we averaged 8-10 calls a year about managing or installing vineyards. We'd consult on 1-2 and usually take on one small project every year. That was the most I could handle and that was usually the scope of the projects. A few acres or even a backyard and some advice on growing grapes and making wine.

Each year it grew a little more, and we remained pretty selective on the projects we'd take on. The important thing was to make sure that the projects helped us out in making wine and growing the winery side of the business. Along the way we started to get a reputation among the local winemakers as top quality growers and dedicated farmers.

This past summer I'd say the vineyard business 'tipped over'. It's grown to the point now that it is its own thriving enterprise. Sycamore Creek, Big Basin Vineyards, Windy Oaks and several other wineries have started to recommend us to people thinking of putting in vineyards. We've also started to get calls from landscape architects and even one of the largest commercial construction companies in the area.

So now, even though we're months away from 2008 I'm trying to figure out what projects we'll take on in 2008. There are already people trying to sign us up for next year. There are two large projects pending. One would involve a no-corners cut top of the line 4+ acre vineyard installation project. An amazing south facing hill side ready for us to plant, and grow grapes and make wine. The owners want the very best, top of the line, and they've asked us to do it for them!

We're also mulling over another amazing project. 12 acres of some of the finest old vine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A 30 year old vineyard that supplied grapes for some of the most legandary wines ever made in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We've been asked to take over management of the vineyard, and most importantly, make the wine from the amazing site.

Now comes the tough part. What project can we take on? Can we do both? And what about all the other calls we'll get in the Spring? I never thought the little vineyard company, "Two Gringos" would grow so large, and take on such huge projects. Hard work, dedication, and commitment to the highest quality, I can't think of any other secrets, but those three things worked!

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