Monday, September 24, 2007

Second Round of Mailers Out Today

Orders are still coming in from our first round of mailers last week. Demand is just about where I thought it would be so we dropped of the second round of mailers on schedule today.

This round includes offers for three packs with an option to ask for a six pack. Right now it looks like we should be able to fill requests for a six pack if ordering stays on track. I'm guessing that by this time next week we should be down to 3-4 cases left. I'll start to process payments shortly and we should begin shipping to states that have good weather in the second week of October.

We've had about a dozen recent sign ups, and I hope to get those people out a three pack offer next week if ordering stays on track. IT will be tight, but I'm still hoping I can get wine out to everyone who wants it. Maybe not as much as they want, but I should have wine for everyone.

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