Saturday, June 14, 2008

Smoke and Fire.

Last night about 6:30 PM a dark cloud rolled over the Blossom Valley and turned the Sun bright red. It was smoke from another fire in Monterey County.

The Martin Road fire was called 40% contained last night, and Ice Cream Grade, Smith Grade and Pine Flat Roads where all reopened. It actually looks like from reports that the fire is not a threat to any more property now, and they are expecting to have it in 100% contained by Monday.

I'll send the crew to Coralitos early in the week though. We'll stay off of Ice Cream Grade and Pine Flat until the fire is 100% controlled, which will likely come on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Right now the work in the vineyards has slowed down, with the warm weather, spraying is not needed as often, and we'll focus on tucking vines into wires and clearing out laterals to insure good sun exposure. There's also a little weed removal to do under the rows. Hopefully the news the rest of the summer will not include any more fires.

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