Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Winery Open This Weekend

The weekend is the annual Santa Cruz Mountains Vintner's Festival.


We'll have the winery at Chaine d'Or open for visitors.


The cost of the event is $30 in advance or $35 at the door, but we will not be charging our mailing list members or their guests for any activities at the winery. If you want to visit other wineries that are participating you'll need a ticket, but your stop at Chaine d'Or is free.

We'll be pouring the 2006 Chaine d'Or Chardonnay, 2004 Chaine d'Or Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006 Stefania Haut Tubee, and 2006 Stefania Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah. In addition I'll be clearing out the very, very last 2005 Uvas Creek Cabernet Sauvignon for $45/bottle. There are only about 18 bottles left that I had held on to for restaurant reorders, but we're going to let those go.

There will be food and snacks for everyone and every hour I'll give a short 10 minute tour of the vineyard and talk about our farming practices and how they effect the final wine. We'll also have some of our 2006 and 2007 barrels available to taste. There is room for a picnic as well on the small hill by the crushpad. It can get chilly though so bring an extra layer if you plan on spending some time outside.

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