Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back From Our Short Break

We spent Thursday to Monday on our annual trip to New Orleans for our Anniversary (17th), and my birthday (19th). Tuesday we were back at work pressing off the Pinot Noir and Elandrich Vineyard Merlot. It was a full day Tuesday with both wines now settling in tanks. I like to let the wines 'rest' for 48 hours after going to press. This lets all the gross lees settle to the bottom of the tank, and we rack only clean wine into barrel. We'll finish up that process tomorrow.

In the mean time a few pictures from our trip:

Stef and Ozzy at 'Coops Place' on Decatur in the lower French Quarter.

Me and Natalie Boos at her gallery on Royal Street. Natalie started as a street artist selling her work in Jackson Square. She opened her gallery the week we visited in 2006. I got the painting in the upper right, Stef got the one on the lower left.

Our menu at Bayona on our Anniversary night. The chef signed it for us and came out to visit. We had a really nice bottle of Roumier 2005 Chambolle Musigny with dinner.

Stef getting ready for a night out. We stayed in a little apartment between Decatur and Royal about a block from Jackson Square. Rhonda and Walt from the Louisiana Loom Works were our hosts. Rhonda did the rug for our dinning room this past year.

It was a great trip. Good to see old friends and make some new ones. A really good break in the middle of harvest for us every year.

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