Monday, October 06, 2008

On Being Green

This time of year it's hard for us to be green. Though we do our part at home and in the winery, there is no way to avoid driving trucks around the local area hauling grapes and heavy equipment. I was thankful and grinning ear to ear as we drove three full trucks south on 280 and were surrounded by 4 Priuses. I was greatful to them for being there to help offset our gas guzzling beasts that are a must this time of year.

Portable drinking water and personal plastic bottles are another issue. I avoid them all year long, but they are another wonderful commodity for getting portable drinking water to our crews while they pick. We do recycle the bottles and dispose of them properly, but they never leave our earth and that's what really bugs me.

The working vacation was another perk that meant less drive time and gross emissions from the trucks and vehicles used. The option to stay close to the vineyard site at a coast side resort felt more like a vacation than work, even though the days started very early. Paul already said Seascape has been a favorite spot of his since high school, and I couldn't agree more.

We did catch a glimpse of the dolphins from the balcony on our last night there and whale spouts on the horizon. Very peaceful and pleasant diversion from looking at vines all day and all week long. We lost money on that one, the price to stay overnight away from home was greater than our gas bill, but being able to catch up on the day-job part of work as opposed to spending a couple of hours on the road was a plus.

On the home front, the plan is to convert the front lawn and landscape to a mini demonstration vineyard. The vines at our suburban location require water the first year while they establish their roots and that's it. I'm letting the lawn die this year and pulling out two Sago Palms (that I'm selling) then putting in vines. Yes, vines. This effort should reduce our water usage by 60% and provide us with the grapes necessary for the grape stomp each year (thus eliminating one more truck run!).

With a little effort and education about waste and recycling, everyone can do their part to be's not always easy, but every little bit is better than none at all.

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