Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Get Wine...

You need to sign up on our mailing list!

I keep getting calls and email requests from people I meet about how to get Stefania Wine. I wish I could say we were in local retail stores or had online shopping, but we're not quite there yet.

The best way to get wine is to sign up on our mailing list and wait for an offer letter to come in the mail. We send those out 2-3 times per year and just finished sending out the Fall Release for the 2006 Uvas Creek Cabernet. This winter we'll send offer letters for the 2006 Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet. If there is wine leftover from the Uvas offer letters, we may include that wine also, like we did with the Syrah.

I desperately need to update the website and will do that shortly after this harvest season.

And what a season it has been. If you have been following other wine blogs at all, you're aware that the California yields are about 40% lower than previous years. Much of the decrease is attributed to low rainfall and some frost damage. We pruned aggressively in the winter so the lower yields were no surprise to us in the vineyards we manage. In all we're very excited with the fruit this year and are anxious to see what the 2008's are like once we go into barrel.

Paul has been keeping me busy with general winemaking chores and the change in routine is welcome, though I'm still getting used to it some. Monday started with a long drive to Gonzalez to pick up bins and lids, Tuesday was a long day online trying to figure out payroll taxes, and today I was running around returning borrowed trucks (and filling those gas tanks! ouch!!) and pressing another batch of the Hot Tub wine (some zinfandel from a neighbor up the street from the Crimson Clover vineyard).

This weekend we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and Paul's birthday...taking a little break before the last two rounds of cabernets come in.



Ted said...

Happy Birthday Paul - and congrats to you both on your 5th anniversary! My wife and I celebrated our 24th year together in August and I had my 50th birthday last week. Time sure files!

Stefania said...

Happy belated birthday to you Ted, and congrats back on the 24 year milestone, that's fantastic!

I was in the hot tub this morning, one of the many perks working for Paul, and was remembering when we first planted the vines...and you're right time does fly.