Monday, March 23, 2009

Telephones, why I haven't called

I hate the telephone. But I love the new iphone. This piece of technology is very cool. I can still communicate without actually talking.

Here's the thing. The only time I'll answer the phone is if I happen to be sitting still at my desk and playing around, like now, writing a blog. This isn't exactly "work" and I will stop this to pick up, should it ring. Otherwise, forget it.


Because I'm always moving, I'm always doing something. If I had a Facebook account, my status would change every 15 minutes or so. "Stefania is.... checking the rose garden, taking out the trash, making the bed, paying bills, re-designing the next label, filing, sending a fax, checking the chemicals in the hot tub, in the hot tub(!), etc"

I don't take the phone with me everywhere I go and I don't drop whatever it is I'm doing to pick up. If it's important, leave a message and I'll call back...usually. I called my brother just before the San Diego trip and wanted to check in and tell him about my new phone.

He called while I was in the pool at the hotel and left a scathing (not really) message that I never pick up or answer. When I called him back I was like, hey, baby steps dude, did you notice there was a voice mail greeting? First time in 8 years I've recorded one. Baby steps.

My hearing has been compromised since I was in high school. I'm not deaf, but I do have limits to what I can hear, and talking on the telephone is generally unpleasant if there are any other noises or distractions. So I avoid it. There are times when it is necessary and I do conduct winery business via telephone, but socially, there are better ways to reach me.

It's even worse if you have an accent or are foreign born. I'm a lip-reader in those cases and you can't read lips thru the telephone.

Text: 408-888-0714
Yahoo IM:

If a phone call is more appropriate, feel free, but leave a message and a call back number because I'm probably already doing something else.


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