Friday, June 19, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

No, not a blog about s-e-x, but real birds and real bees. BEES!

I took Paul out front lastnight (while the wine decanted) to show him two volunteer rosemary plants I spotted. I was doing my daily walk-through in the morning checking on each vine, and there they were, in the middle of the row.

It was probably around 7pm, the sun was low, and there was the usual evening breeze that blows in from the coast when we stepped out the front door. We both spotted the movement right away and exclaimed, Bees! Lots of them!!

The Crimson Clover was buzzing, literally. I spotted a couple of wasps too, hmmm, and we've had a couple of large bumble bees all along. Even our neighbor commented awhile back about the lack of bees in our neighborhood - ha ha! Not anymore, we are loaded!!

I recently put up the humming bird feeders, and the phoebe has made our backyard a local feeding spot for her brood. The mockingbird has been singing day and night and I think the doves have finally moved on. At least I don't remember hearing them through the night or into this morning. It's been a wonderful Winter and Spring with the birdlife that has come through our neighborhood but I'm definitely ready for Summer to kick off.

Happy Early Solstice and Welcome Summer!


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