Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bottling Day II

Tomorrow we will be up at Big Basin Vineyards to bottle our remaining 2007 wines. There hasn't been much drama building up to this bottling. That's mainly because Stefania did all the logistics and ordering at the same time as the bottling at Chaine d'Or.

I'll bring my computer up, but I don't think they have wireless in the winery, so I might not be able to post during bottling like last time. I will also be working the line loading bottles so there will likely be fewer pictures. I will get them up by Saturday though.

Joe is the assistant winemaker at Big Basin and he will be handling the forklift duties. That's a great relief to me. If all goes well we should be done by 1 PM or so. Joe and Bradley Brown are racking the wine into tank today so we'll be all ready to go. Bradley just checked in with me on final sulfur levels and that's the last step.

It will be nice to have bottling behind us for the year and we will be free to focus on the vineyard from here to harvest.

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