Friday, June 05, 2009

Bottling Done

The pictures are limited some by the fact I spent the entire time loading glass on to the truck :)

It had just turned 60 when we set out at 7:18 for Big Basin. We've had a snap of real cool weather over the past few weeks.

When we arrived at Big Basin right at 7:58, the temperature there was 51 degrees. Actually really great for bottling as the wine and glass would both stay cool during the 3+ hour process.

The three person crew getting ready to go. I took the picture from the glass dumping station. I picked up 215 empty cases of glass and started them on the line. Rachel, our Intern was at the end of the line taking the full finished bottles and putting them back in the cardboard cases. Jerry tapes the cases shut and stacks them on the pallet. When we get 56 cases he wraps them up and moves in the next set of glass.

Stefania is the stamper/runner. She stamps each finished case with the bond number and makes sure it has a label on it for ID later in the warehouse. She also moves empty cases so they are easier to lift and gets anything else done while the other three people keep the line moving.

Here she is adding labels as we got started.

And the cases start to fly. Since I was part of the crew this time I really could not take a lot of pictures. Things went very smooth and we finished up about 11:30. Enough time to get some lunch and drop off a few deliveries we had pending.

This is now our third run with this bottling company and we're super happy we found them!

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