Friday, January 15, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

We have storm front after storm front scheduled to come in this next week. Kind of a bummer for us. I have a three day weekend and we were going to prune all three days. Luckily Jerry and Stefania will just about have wrapped up Chaine d'Or by today.

Tomorrow morning I'll go out and finish up some of the old vines that need retraining that they have left for me. There's also a few hours of work to do in the winery. We're going to try and be home in time for the Saints game though at 1:30.

If I don't finish in the winery Saturday then we'll go back Sunday. Likely we'll just work in the rain and finish up any pruning that's not done. Monday we're scheduled to go test our wine that is at Big Basin in the afternoon, so more inside activity. It looks like we won't finish pruning before St Vincent's day. Not too big a deal, we'll just wait on the weather now and for the next favorable moon cycle and prune then.

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