Friday, January 22, 2010

St Vincent's Day

We still have lots of rain and the moon is now out of cycle so we've stopped pruning. Not much going on for us right now in the vineyards.

Today is St Vincent's day. St Vincent was a 4th century saint from Spain. His feast day is celebrated as the patron saint of vine growers in Spain and France. I did my yearly trip to the Catholic Church this morning to drop off wine. Father Bennett wasn't there this morning so I left the wine at his door.

In France they usually leave their cheapest wine for the priest, but I left a couple bottles of Uvas Creek Cab and hope he'll remember to bless his little vineyard for us. I hope he remembers its St Vincent's day, I usually have to remind him each year. We don't celebrate a lot of feast days in the U.S. so he's usually a little shocked that I do.

We may do some work in the winery tomorrow, but SUnday will be a football day. Go Saints!!!

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