Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bluefin Restaurant San Jose

I'm promoting local businesses that I'm fond of and since last night was dinner at Bluefin I thought I'd write them up today.

I didn't think they got a very fair write-up by the Metro or was it the Mercury News...I forget who did the review, but the author basically ranted about serving endangered fish and how it was bad for the environment etc etc.

The two sushi chefs at the counter are very personable, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the food is supreme. They take extra care in selecting only the best fish flown in directly from Japan and the quality is noticeable. Last night I had something I wouldn't trust to any other chef no matter what, it was Kobe beef "sushi"; raw beef chopped with sesame oil, soy sauce, over rice and wrapped in nori.

And as a special request, they made me an Uni Shooter (usually with a raw oyster, but I like the sauce with the Uni - sea urchin), very briny and clean.

As an environmentalist, I'm more concerned about the number of plastics that end up in the ocean, not the amount of fishing. Is Bluefin a great restaurant? Yes, I highly recommend it.

Hope to see some of the locals up at the winery on Saturday, we'll have our OpenHouse 11-3.

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