Sunday, November 14, 2010

Late Pumpkin Carving Pictures

This year we decided not to have a harvest grape stomp party. The timing was just bad and we were not sure we'd have grapes to bring in. We did though have Stefania's pumpkin carving party.

I buy a half ton bin of pumpkins from Spina Farms and Jerry and I set them up around the yard. It works out to about $2.50 for a super large pumpkin this way so a pretty good deal. We had a few rain showers pass through just before the party was supposed to start so we had to make a quick change from the backyard to the front yard where there would be more cover.

'Super Size' pumpkins. This one was about 25 pounds I think. IN all we had about 60 to choose from and ended up carving about 40.

This lead to a rare scene of an abandoned bar. Not that anyone was without a drink though. We had about 20 limes ready on one of the trees in the backyard so I made margarita's for everyone.

This picture isn't really related, it was from a few days before as we headed up to the winery. It is our traditional harvest time picture though and from the coldest morning we've had to work outside in this harvest season. (So Far)

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Stefania said...

Pumpkins for Everyone!! I would just like to point out that not "everybody" had margaritas...only the adults. I was teasing Paul that he posted a photo of the kids and then the empty bar. :-)