Friday, November 19, 2010

Pictures I Owe People

I put this one first just so that everyone knows we have been doing some work and not just playing around. We pressed the Split Rail Syrah this week and this is the press in action. Sofie is guarding the press for us.

This one is for Tim from the Wine Berserkers Forum. He had asked about getting a basket press to work more efficiently and I explained these inserts that Millie made for us a few years ago. The one on the left comes with the press and we made the ones on the right. They let you get better pressure on the press and turn the crank harder by being more stable in the basket than the small wood blocks the press comes with.

This picture was in response to a couple of threads on the Wine Spectator Forum. One asked about what type of car you drove. Another was about Fall shipping. I explained that the FJ Cruiser can hold about 20 cases of wine at a time. Here's the car stuffed with boxes and ready to go to UPS.

I just thought this last one was funny. The ultimate low rent RV set up. It's a pick up truck with a BBQ and a toilet tied down in the bed. Everything you need to tailgate at the big game.

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