Monday, January 31, 2011

CWT - Labeling Shiners

There's a term used in the wine industry: Shiners. It's used to describe wine that has been bottled but not labeled. The only way to identify the wine is that the bottle 'shines'.

We were talking about having to label shiners the other day and someone thought we said Shriner's and wondered how or why we were labeling them...and if it was hard to do as they zoomed by on the little go-carts. They move pretty fast, sometimes you hope to snag them by the fez and slap a sticker on 'em.

Ok, not really. A shiner is a bottle of wine without a label. No name, no identity. Just to be clear:



We ended up with 91 cases of these that we had to handle the labeling on and will distribute through our local sales rep.

We finally got a name and an identity but it was long after the bottling truck had been through, so Friday I went over to CWT with Estella and Gerardo and we spent a couple of hours labeling all 91 cases by hand.

Estella unloaded the shiners, Gerardo and I labeled them (mine all slope up on the right, at least I was consistent), and then he put the finished bottles back in the cases and taped them closed.

I really thought this was going to take a lot longer than it did, but we hustled and got it done.


Dave said...

I'm confused - did I miss a post? Is this a favour you're doing for someone? Those clearly aren't your wines - they have those butler traps on top!

Paul Romero said...

It's kind of a favor. We made this wine with Bradley Brown for two couples who planned to sell it. They ran out of money before they could get a label on the wine. We agreed to label it for them and get it out through our local sales guy.